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2007 Pepper latest market prices
Date:5/3/2018 4:20:45 PM

According to insiders, in the domestic market spices, chili since the tight supply, prices rise steadily. At present, the market retail price of chili from 10 yuan per kg up to 22-24 yuan, wholesale prices also rose to around 19 yuan per kg, with an average increase of 90% -140%. Retail price per 500 grams generally rose about 15 yuan. According to analysis, a recent dry up the market price of pepper main reason is that the main producing areas dry chilli and Sichuan, suffered severe drought this summer, resulting shortage of supply, thereby Elevated chili prices. In addition, last year the price of pepper low, some farmers to Law planting other crops, because pepper acreage lead to a decrease in yield reduction.

Experts predict that dry pepper market prices fall in the short term is unlikely. On the contrary, the tight supply in the market, the peak consumption, and many other factors come under the impact of high prices will be in the running, and is likely to continue higher.

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